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TEMPUS will mix and master your music for vinyl, to a quality you didn’t think was possible. If you want your music to sound sonically perfect when it gets pressed to vinyl, TEMPUS is the way to go. We are located in Melbourne, but we’ve worked with talented artists and musicians in every corner of Australia, sharing each client’s passion for delivering their music to the listener in the way the recording is meant to be heard.

Music sounds different depending on whether you listen to it on vinyl, through a streaming service or download it from iTunes, for example. If a song hasn’t been mixed and mastered for the medium that it’s being played on, it won’t sound as good. At TEMPUS, we specialise in optimising your music to sound ideal for playback through whichever means you deem necessary. Our vinyl mastering service is extremely popular among our clients as you simply can’t beat the deep, warm tones of a vinyl recording.

Whatever genre you feel your music falls under; if you want it to sound crisp, balanced and all-encompassing for the listener, speak to TEMPUS today.

Professional vinyl mastering services to suit every artist’s unique needs

At TEMPUS, we offer a range of pricing options to accommodate everyone’s vinyl mastering needs. You might have one or two tracks, an EP or an entire album that needs mixing and mastering.

TEMPUS will arrange a highly qualified and experienced music producer to work closely with you throughout the process of mixing and mastering your music for vinyl, so that by the end of it you have a collection of sonically perfect mixes that are ready to be pressed to vinyl and shared with the world.

We’re also highly experienced in mastering music for iTunes and streaming services.

Join the list of talented artists that have used our mixing and mastering services

With established names like Charlie Threads, Boy Graduate, Ghost Loft and Maya Hirasedo in our portfolio, we are proud of our reputation for exceptional vinyl mastering services in Melbourne and across Australia.

What started as a childhood hobby has developed into a business that helps Australian artists and musicians pull their demos together into a finely tuned track that’s ready for release.

At TEMPUS, we understand that everybody has to start somewhere – that’s why we also offer exclusive one-on-one music production tutoring services upon request. Get in touch to discuss how we can help you hone your audio mixing and digital mastering skills to a professional level.

Get your music mastered for vinyl with TEMPUS

For beautifully crisp mixes ideally optimised for vinyl release, contact TEMPUS today and we’ll discuss how we can accommodate your mixing and mastering needs.