Ensure Your Audio is Mastered for iTunes with Australia’s Best

Are you ready to have your tracks mastered for iTunes (Apple Digital Masters)? Tempus Entertainment can master your recordings to ensure they are ideally optimised for Apple’s encoding processes so that, when users stream your tracks on Apple Music, they sound exactly how you intended them to sound.

Tom is well-versed in mastering music for iTunes (Apple Digital Masters). He is meticulous about staying on top of all the latest trends and developments in Apple’s procedures for encoding audio files and ensuring efficient delivery of artists’ music. Tempus Entertainment has a wealth of experience mastering for iTunes in Melbourne, and for artists who wish to have their music mastered for iTunes in Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Canberra or Perth, Tom is your number one choice.

We’ve helped artists across Australia achieve excellent audio mastered for iTunes

Mastering recordings for iTunes (Apple Music) is a very delicate process – one which Tom is certified to do, and continues to invest time and effort into further developing, as Apple’s processes for delivering music to the end consumer are forever changing and evolving. When you entrust Tempus Entertainment with your music, you can rest assured that the finished product of what is heard on iTunes (Apple Music) will sound crisp, precise, balanced and excellent!

Tom works closely with all of his clients to ensure 100% satisfaction with his professional mastering for iTunes (Apple Digital Masters) services. Some previous clients Tom has mastered recordings for include Charlie Threads, Boy Graduate, Dom Cork, Maya Hirasedo and many more (check out Tempus Entertainment’s playlist below). Alternatively, have a browse of the Sloan’s Roost archives for some interesting musical insights or track exciting new developments from the Tempus Entertainment label.

Whether you need your music mastered for iTunes or for other streaming services, talk to us 

At Tempus Entertainment, we can also master your recordings to be suitable for any streaming services, including Spotify and Apple Music. The processes for mastering music for downloadable file formats are different to mastering music for high quality streaming, and Tom has been mastering various artists’ recordings for iTunes (Apple Music) and streaming services since the industry first began moving in this direction – needless to say, he’s become an industry leader in the digital realm.

To have your cherished tracks mastered for iTunes (Apple Digital Masters) so that your listeners hear your music precisely the way you intended for them to hear it, contact Tempus Entertainment today. Use our contact form and we will reply as soon as we can.