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Hobart musicians and artists looking to mix and master their tracks to a standard that can be streamed on Spotify, downloaded on iTunes or pressed to vinyl need look no further than TEMPUS. With a solid background in music production, TEMPUS is your go-to destination for audio mixing and digital mastering throughout Australia. Our point of difference is that we tailor our services to accommodate each individual artist that we work with, to ensure you enjoy a truly unique experience with TEMPUS.

If you have tracks that you want produced to a high standard so that you can be proud to release them to the public, TEMPUS will work closely with you to mix and master your songs in a way that captures your personal flair and reflects the hard work that you’ve put into every track.

Hobart’s leading provider of exceptional audio mixing and digital mastering services

The way that audiences listen to music has changed, and this has led to a change in the way we mix and master music as well. To get your recordings from what you hear when you record them to what the listener hears when they stream or download the track, you need an expert who knows the intricacies of music production.

This is where TEMPUS comes in – our industry experience puts us at the forefront of Australian music production, and it’s the reason we’ve had the pleasure of working with such highly regarded artists as DJ Shizma, Boy Graduate, Charlie Threads, Ghost Loft and The Quarters (to name a few).

Music production in Hobart has never been easier, with TEMPUS

TEMPUS has earned itself a reputation as one of Australia’s most recognised music production companies, and our high attention to detail when it comes to mixing and mastering clients’ recordings to perfection has ensured those tracks receive the attention they deserve on iTunes and streaming services.

Our highly professional team offer 100% devotion to whichever project they happen to be working on at any given time, and clients can expect a close working relationship to achieve the shared goal of a perfectly mixed and mastered track.

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If you’re an artist or musician based in Hobart with tracks that need mixing and mastering to a professional quality, TEMPUS is the solution. Get in touch with our team today for a consultation on how we can help make your songs sound as crisp and balanced as possible.