Premium audio mixing and mastering in Adelaide for a crisp, balanced sound

Tempus Entertainment can help Adelaide artists produce professional-quality music that is ready for release and has everything it needs to be a hit.

Tom Beard has extensive experience in audio mixing and digital mastering, as well as a strong reputation throughout the Australian music industry as a seasoned music producer and audio engineer. Tom is passionate about drawing out each artist’s unique edge during their time in the studio.

Tom has had a deep-seated passion for music from a young age and finds joy in training his ears to the individual components and layers that create an overall song. This wide interest allows him to analyse and enhance music of all genres.

Having worked with a multitude of artists with a variety of unique styles, Tom has now developed a solid background in editing, mixing and mastering audio – from rough demos to completed recordings ready for airplay, steaming or download and public consumption.

Any genre, any style, any artist – sonically superior Adelaide music production

At Tempus Entertainment, there is no “one size fits all” approach. Every client brings something new to the studio, and Tom takes all new projects as an opportunity to hone his craft further and produce a premium quality listening experience.

During your time at Tempus Entertainment, you have Tom’s undivided attention, and your music is his full priority. Tom strives to find your unique sound and capture it in the recordings. Tom has worked around Australia, producing music for artists and groups in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, and across the country. He has built an impressive list of artists including Sol Bishop, The Quarters, Charlie Threads, ZIBE, Captives and many others.

Take your Adelaide sound to the best mixing and mastering available 

Regardless of where you stand in the process of getting your music ready for release, Tom is always keen to offer guidance when it comes to professional audio and digital mastering. Contact Tempus Entertainment for a consultation about how Tom can help you with Adelaide music production.

If you’re interested in Adelaide audio mixing and digital mastering tutoring, Tom can arrange private classes upon request – rates and services are tailored to cater for each client’s specific budget and requirements.

You can learn more about Tom’s current or past clients and stay up to date with exciting new Tempus Entertainment projects.