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When you trust us with your work, you’re paying for a highly qualified and
professional music producer to give your tracks undivided attention and ensure they have everything they need to sound perfect for your listeners.
TEMPUS is passionate about helping both aspiring and established artists put the final touches on their precious mixes and productions so they sound the best they possibly can when they are released on DSP’s (eg. Spotify, Apple, Tidal) or

Whether it’s a single track or an entire album, TEMPUS gives each recording the scrutiny and focus it deserves. Below, you’ll find a playlist of tracks that we have mixed and mastered in the past, so you can see for yourself the superior sound quality that our service delivers.

We make mixing and mastering accessible to musicians everywhere

Rather than charging an arm and a leg for music production services, TEMPUS is dedicated to making professional quality mixing and mastering accessible to musicians and artists of all stages of their career.

For those who are serious about preparing a collection of tracks for public release, we offer playlist pitching packs where clients can narrow down on the biggest and most accessible playlists in their niche.

Tailored mixing and mastering services to accommodate all budgets and requirements

If you need more information on what sort of costs you’ll be looking at for your specific music production needs, please don’t hesitate to contact TEMPUS for a consultation. We tailor our services to suit each client’s unique circumstances, and our prices may vary depending on whether you wish to mix and master your recordings for iTunes, streaming services or vinyl.

Speak to TEMPUS about how we can prepare your music for release

TEMPUS is all about helping artists and musicians throughout Australia produce a final version of their recordings that reflects the blood, sweat and tears that went into them. If you’re interested in transforming your demos to finalised works of art that are ready to be heard in the public arena, drop us a line today and we’ll discuss how we can help you.