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Find your sound with Melbourne’s leading audio mixing and mastering

TEMPUS is your go-to destination for professional music production services in Melbourne.

With a solid background in audio mixing and mastering, and a stellar reputation throughout Melbourne as an established music producer and audio mastering engineer, Tom Beard is dedicated to helping artists find their unique sound in the studio.

Tom brings a fresh energy to every project he’s involved in and adapts his approach to suit each artist’s unique needs. Since a very early age, Tom has been passionate about analysing music of all genres and delving deeper into the intricate layers that form the overall sound. He also works under the new mixing and mastering guidelines for streaming and Mastered for iTunes (Apple Digital Masters).

Tom Beard – Producer, Mix & Mastering Engineer

All genres, all styles, all levels of expertise – premium Melbourne music production

From hip hop to rock and roll, techno to pop and everything in-between, Tom’s experience in digital mastering and audio mixing in Melbourne spans numerous genres and styles.

Rather than adopting a “one size fits all” approach to mixing and mastering each client’s music, Tom hones his audio engineering craft with each new project. Each one is a new opportunity to produce the highest quality and unique product possible for the ultimate listening experience. He works hard to find your creative edge and capture it in the mix, so that your individual flair shows itself in your music.

TEMPUS has worked with artists from Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, across Australia and Internationally. Some notable artists include Ghost Loft, T-rek, Maya Hirasedo, MXXWLL, Shimza, Dom Cork, The Quarters, Charlie Threads, Boy Graduate, Sol Bishop, The Attention Seekers and many more.


Get in touch for all your audio mixing and mastering needs

Our dedication to the fine art of audio mixing & mastering is shown in our works. Above all, achieving a product of the highest quality is top priority, while working closely with clients on their project to maximise the listener’s sonic experience whether it’s across vinyl , CD or digital.

TEMPUS is always eager to cater for anyone’s audio needs, whether your recordings are ready for professional audio mixing and mastering.

First of all, to enquire about mix or mastering services, click the link below. We’re always available to assess mixes or productions, and will reply promptly outlining how to take your next steps.

Tutoring is also available, therefore if you’re in need of any level of production tutoring feel free to get in contact. Rates are $100/hr and courses can be tailored to your budget and requirements.

Alternatively you can contact us via email at mastering@tempusentertainment.com. You can find the pricing of mixing & mastering here.

We also service these locations of mixing & mastering: Adelaide, Brisbane, Canberra, Darwin, Hobart, Perth & Sydney.